The International Universities Climate Alliance (IUCA)*, an international consortium to which our university is a member, is recruiting students who are interested in events held in conjunction with Earth Day.


"Earth Day" is an event that has been held since 1970 to show support for protecting the earth's environment. It is held on April 22nd every year, and is scheduled to be held on Saturday, April 22nd in 2023. On Earth Day, events related to environmental protection are scheduled to be held around the world.


IUCA is considering holding a hybrid event called "Reimagining Our World" on Earth Day 2023, and is recruiting students who are interested in this event or who would like to participate. If you wish to participate after checking the "participation activities we are looking for", please apply directly to the URL listed in "Participation Registration".

Participation activities to be solicited
  • Express perspectives and understandings of climate change.
  • Respond to and interpret barriers to effective climate action
  • Aspirations for resilient communities, how regeneration can work
  • Join a slam poetry workshop and international student competition

We are looking for students who wish to participate in these activities in a variety of ways, including *visual installations, short stories, personal reflections, presentations, discussions, and drama.

Registration for participation


*International Universities Climate Alliance(IUCA)

Hokkaido University is the only Japanese member of the ”International Universities Climate Alliance(IUCA)”, which was established in 2020.

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