United Nations University SDG-UP (United Nations University-SDG Universities Platform), in which Hokkaido University participates, has developed a general education (or introductory) course “Introduction to the UN SDGs*” in collaboration with other participating universities. SDG-UP plans to open a pilot version of “Introduction to the UN SDGs” from October to November, and is recruiting participants.


It provides students with a wide range of knowledge on sustainability while developing an integrated competency to consider the interlinkages of the SDGs’ social, economic, environmental, and governance dimensions. Topics include sustainable development in the international context, the
environment and sustainability, sustained economic growth and responsible investment, cultural diversity and social inclusion, gender and human rights, participation, and transformation.


Course Description

  • Delivery Method:
    Flipped learning. Students must complete viewing a video lecture online before the in-class discussion. In-class discussions via Zoom will be scheduled as above.
  • Requirement:
    More than 80% of attendance of the in-class discussions. A final assignment is required for submission to your affiliated university. Once the assignment is marked and considered a pass, a certificate of completion of the SDG-UP Certificate Programme will be awarded. There will be no credits given from the SDG-UP Academic Consortium.
  • Language: Japanese (materials may include English)
  • Period of Delivery: October to November 2022 (See the segment table below)
    For more information, please see the application guide.
  • Eligibility for participation:
    Students enrolled in SDG-UP member universities, 1st and 2nd year undergraduate students in principle, and academic staff of SDG-UP member universities who are interested in utilizing the educational materials of the SDG-UP Certificate Pilot Programme.
  • Number of applicants: 4 (In case of too many applications, a selection will be done)
  • Participation Fee: Free for the in-class sessions.
  • Registration: Fill out the application form and send it to the contact below
  • Contact: SDGs Initiative Office, Institute for the Advancement of Sustainability(sdg@facility.hokudai.ac.jp)
  • Application deadline: Wednesday, October 5, 2022


*”Introduction to the UN SDGs” will include lectures (videos) by Prof. Yasuhiro Yamanaka (Faculty of Env.Earth Science) and Associate Prof. Hiroki Nomura (Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere) at Hokkaido University.