"HSI Team OMOTENASHI", which operates HSI international exchange events, will hold "HSI SDGs Challenge Competition 2022" on August 27th in cooperation with *Hokkaido Summer institute (hereinafter referred to as HSI) and Nitobe College.


This year's theme is "Sustainable Production and Consumption ~Rethinking Our Lifestyle during the Pandemic~".

Click here for background information regarding this competition. *Move to Google Drive.


with our studentsH.SIToTo students from all over the world who participate,SDGsregardingFiveminutesEnglishpresentationannouncedand awards will be awarded by the judges. In addition, there will be an “audience contest” where the winners will be determined by audience voting.We have also set up a ``Prize'' and are looking for people to participate as spectators in this competition.

Please see here for more information, including how to apply. *You will be redirected to the HSI Team OMOTENASH website.


*Hokkaido Summer Institute(HSI)teeth,every summerduring the period of,Hiring top-class researchers from overseas universities, etc.North SeaHokkaido Universityfartinvitation,English as the working languageheldbe doneAt Japan's largest university summer schoolvinegar.

For more information herePlease confirm. *You will be redirected to the Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI) website.


HSI Team OMOTENASHI, student volunteers of HSI (Hokkaido Summer Institute), will host the HSI SDGs Challenge Competition 2022 on August 27.


This year's theme is “Sustainable Production and Consumption ~Rethinking Our Lifestyle during the Pandemic~”
The background material “Rethinking Our Lifestyle during the Pandemic” is also available. Please click here.


English presentations on the theme will be given by HU students and HSI students around theworld. Apart from awarding by the judges, the vote from the audience will also decide theAudience Award winner. HSI Team OMOTENASHI are now looking for audience members.


For more information including audience recruitment, please click here. (Go to the HSI Team OMOTENASH website)

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