Our University Graduate Graduate School of Agriculture Life Frontier Course Livestock Chemistry Unit Animal Functional Nutrition Laboratory The "Cow Methane Reduction Project" in which the company participates has been selected for the Moonshot Research and Development Program*.


Methane gas produced by cows' digestive tract fermentation escapes into the atmosphere as burps, which not only contributes to global warming but also causes a loss of feed energy. By 2050, we will reduce this burp methane by 80%, prevent global warming, and improve milk production efficiency of cows by 10%. At the same time, we will build a livestock production system that allows 100% of the grain that was previously used for feed to be used by humans, and by disseminating it around the world, we will contribute to relieving humanity from food crises.


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*Moonshot agriculture, forestry and fisheries research and development project program

Challenging research and development, led by the Cabinet Office, based on bolder ideas that are not simply an extension of conventional methods, with the aim of creating disruptive innovations originating from Japan.