The Hokkaido University Arctic Research Center has set up an atmospheric observation site on the roof of North Campus General Research Building No. 2, which houses the center and other facilities.


Since last year, this atmospheric observation site has been part of a functional enhancement project currently underway by Arctic Research Center (HAI-FES: ``Building a world-leading problem-solving Arctic research center ~ Toward the United Nations SDGs with field research at its core.'' As part of the project's "Contribution to the Future"), the system has been developed to capture local and transboundary air pollution over the long term.

In the future, Hokkaido University will accumulate a large amount of long-term observation data on atmospheric aerosols and air pollution, using various observation items, AERONET, lidar, etc., and it is expected that this data will be useful for a wide range of research on climate, environment, and impacts. will be done.


For more information, please click here. *Go to website of HAI-FES.