Our university's Professor Makoto Demura (Faculty of Advanced Life Science) will appear on the on-air program "SDGs x Hokkaido Agriculture - Sustainable Hokkaido* (FM NorthWave:L2nd)" from 11:20 on Tuesday, June 7th.


FM NorthWave broadcasts interviews with people mainly involved in agriculture in Hokkaido under the title "SDGs x Hokkaido Agriculture ~ Sustainable Hokkaido" from 11:20 to 11:35 on the first Tuesday of every month.

This time, Professor Demura is responding to an interview about our university's efforts towards SDGs and research aimed at addressing issues in Hokkaido agriculture.

Please take a look.


*Hokkaido radio stations FM NorthWave and AIR-G' are launching a joint project called ``Sustainable Hokkaido'' that will have listeners think about ``what we can do'' together with a monthly mini-corner. Each station broadcasts interviews with guests once a month with the theme of "SDGs x Hokkaido Agriculture."