An NPO that aims to realize the "Sapporo Round Walk" concept, which goes around the city of Sapporo as a collaborative project between industry, academia, and government between Hokkaido University Center for Advanced Tourism Studies, Sapporo City Economic and Tourism Bureau, and Eco Network. Walk Lab Sapporo was launched in December 2020, and activities have begun in earnest this month.


NPO Walk Lab Sapporo is a tourism creation research group with the theme of "new development of walking stay interaction tourism" that was sponsored by Hokkaido University Center for Advanced Tourism Studies for two years from 2017 (Heisei 29). It has become.


As a university-originated NPO, our theme is "Walking through Sapporo," and we aim not only to promote residential tourism in Sapporo, but also to create a new city through the rediscovery of Sapporo by Sapporo citizens who welcome tourists.


Sapporo Round Walk website


NPO Walk Lab Sapporo Establishment Purpose

Call for NPO Participation (PDF)