In 2020, greenhouse gas emissions are said to have decreased by 7% due to the stagnation of global economic activity due to the new coronavirus pandemic. Despite this, climate change is progressing rapidly, with the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reaching the highest level in human history.

This month, Reuters published a special report, ``The World's 1000 Most Influential Environmental Scientists'' (Hot List), which provides an overview of the work of the world's top climate scientists. This hot list is created using the number of papers, citations, and references in general newspapers, social media, public policy documents, etc. as indicators.
Thirty researchers were selected from Japan, of which two were selected from Hokkaido University: Professor Emeritus Seiichi Saito and Professor Shojiro Minobe. The selection of these two researchers places them in a tie for fourth place among Japanese institutions.

Please see below for the achievements of Professor Emeritus Seiichi Saito and Professor Shojiro Minobu, who were selected as the world's most influential environmental scientists.

Arctic Research Center Seiichi Saito Professor Emeritus and Researcher
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Graduate School Faculty of Science Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences Prof. Shojiro MINOBU
School of Science Introduction article
Reuters Hotlist introduction page (English)

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