The STSI Course (International Research Skills Program for Developing Sustainable Transportation System and Infrastructure) is a Hokkaido University initiative that has been selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a FY2017 Inter-University Exchange Project (Type A, India).
The aim of the program is for Hokkaido University and its Indian partners – Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad, IIT Bombay, and IIT Madras – to foster professionals capable of maximizing results with the power of international joint research based on teamwork in endeavors that address various issues related to transportation systems and infrastructure development in India through Japanese-Indian teamwork. In particular, the program is intended to foster Japanese and Indian human resources who will cooperate and be able to realize not only the expansion and development of prosperity such as transportation systems and social infrastructure but also sustainable development with consideration of the impact on the environment and local residents.


*PARE, RJE3, and STSI were merged into OGGs (One Program for global Goals) in April 2022 and became one program. For more information, please check here (OOGs website).

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