School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy /School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy has two departments, the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (4th year) and the Department of Pharmacy (6th year). Each department aims to cultivate human resources who can contribute to the improvement of medical care and health common to all humankind through their activities as scientists, researchers, and pharmacists. To this end, in terms of research, we focus on studying organic chemistry, biochemistry, and physical chemistry. We design and develop new reactions and new synthesis methods to create them. The drugs developed in this way (drug discovery leads) use systems that deliver drugs to target locations and the latest technology that uses light to optimize drug efficacy (pharmacological action) and how to use it. make a change.
In addition, the Department of Pharmacy studies various problems in public health, welfare, and medical care from the standpoint of pharmaceutical science. become a person.
Graduates of the Hokkaido School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy are active in a wide range of fields, from universities and research institutes to private companies such as the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and pharmacies, and even domestic and overseas medical administrative agencies.
As described above, the Faculty of School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy conducts education and research to contribute to the health and happiness of mankind through drug discovery. Realize various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) centered on "good health and well-being for all" by advancing science through cutting-edge research and training excellent researchers and pharmacists. is working on