At Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine, we conduct education and research based on "One Health." "One World-One Health" refers to the Manhattan Principles proposed in 2004, and is a concept that regards the health of humans, animals, and the environment as a single unit of health. Many SDGs items, such as infectious diseases, healthy living, promoting well-being, a safe environment, and climate change, encompass this One Health concept.
At Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine, advanced clinical research, panzoology, zoonotic diseases, animal infectious diseases, interdisciplinary research, We provide research and education with a high level of expertise in areas such as conservation medicine. We have a chemical hazard countermeasure specialist course, a veterinary science/pan-animal science researcher training course, and an integrated clinical specialist training course. We are developing projects and attracting students from various fields from home and abroad. Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine will produce human resources who will serve as a bridge between humans, animals, and the environment in order to achieve the SDGs.