This project is referred to as KAMPAI, which stands for the KAbwe Mine Pollution Amelioration Initiative. Copper exports support Zambia’s economy, but lead-zinc ore deposits were also utilized in the past. In particular, the past exploitation of the lead-zinc ore deposits in Kabwe left the environment polluted with lead, which has accumulated in people’s and animals’ bodies. Therefore, in addition to investigating the impact of lead pollution on people’s health and the economy, we are researching on the sources and mechanisms of the lead pollution. Moreover, we are developing novel methods of remediating the polluted environment. Hokkaido University researchers from a variety of fields, such as agriculture, engineering, health sciences, environmental sciences, information science, science, veterinary medicine, and economics, are participating in this project. Moreover, the University of Zambia, the Zambian government through its ministries, and the municipality of Kabwe are also involved in this research project, with over 200 participants in total.

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