Research Center for Integrated Quantum Electronics

Electronics is the basic technology that drives digital information devices such as computers and smartphones, and advances in electronics have enriched the lives of many people. However, as people around the world process and store data via networks, it is predicted that by 2025, 20% of the world's power generation will be consumed by these basic technologies. The environmental impact of digital devices can no longer be ignored.

At Research Center for Integrated Quantum Electronics, we aim to create innovative electronics technology that can achieve both advanced information technology and low environmental impact by making full use of quantum mechanical effects. Therefore, we are conducting research and education that contributes to the SDGs in cooperation with the Graduate Faculty of Information Science and Technology Technology / Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, companies and international research institutes.
Examples of research include semiconductor nanostructures, which are the key to the creation of green energy and efficient information processing, new electronic materials and applications that effectively utilize energy centered on nitride semiconductors, ultra-low power consumption devices and integration. I have a circuit. Our research results contribute to familiar devices such as smartphones and electric vehicles, cutting-edge digital technologies such as AI and robots, and provide clues to solving environmental problems on a global scale.