Faculty of Information Science and Technology conducts research to make people's lives richer and safer through information technology. We conduct research in a wide range of fields with five departments: information science and engineering, information electronics, life and human information science, media networks, and system information science.
At its core are information technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data analysis, and artificial intelligence (AI) that span the real world and cyberspace. Devices and network/information and communication (ICT) technologies for processing and distributing big data at high speed and with low power consumption, sensors that collect data from the real world, and electric devices such as actuators and robots that work on the real world. We are also researching electronic technology. In addition, active research is being conducted in fields such as medicine and health, electric power and energy, and electric vehicles, which are the most promising applications of these fundamental technologies.
These technologies can be used to reduce environmental pollution, create resilient social infrastructure, and contribute to urban planning and management. It also contributes to energy saving and clean energy. We will facilitate access to medical care and promote health by automating and advancing diagnostic and treatment technologies. In addition, safe and high-speed information and communication networks can connect people and become an essential infrastructure for economic development.
This research institute promotes interdisciplinary research in collaboration with companies and domestic and international research institutes, and presents optimal solutions to various problems in the real world.