Research Faculty of Agriculture Floriculture and Green Space Planning Laboratory cooperates with the NPO Ecovillage Promotion Project and conducts research.
The NPO Ecovillage Promotion Project is an organization that aims to promote ``sustainable living and society'' and conducts activities to pursue, research, and spread awareness of living that is environmentally and socially rich and has a low impact.
The laboratory has students participate in Yoichi Ecovillage activities and conducts research for project members.

In October 2020, graduate students, undergraduate students, and teachers participated in the Hokkaido Yoichi SDGs Training, which hosted Osaka high school students on a school trip. I visited and served as a facilitator for experiential learning and group work on resource conservation and circulation, invasive species issues, etc.
After the experience, participants exchanged opinions with staff, students, and high school students about their impressions of the experience and the connections between cities, rural areas, and the world.
In a questionnaire survey conducted after the training, high school students became more aware of the SDGs, environmental issues, local issues, etc. compared to before the training, and the number of respondents who responded that they were conscious of the social issues of the SDGs and took action increased compared to before the training. has become clear.

In addition, in July 2021, undergraduate and graduate students served as monitors for the Ministry of the Environment's training tour aimed at creating regional circular and symbiotic zones, and proposed improvements to the training tour.

In the future, we will continue to work together on activities and research on collaboration between cities and rural areas, and the value and evaluation of agricultural lifestyles, in order to promote sustainable living and society.