The Nitori Future Social Design Course Research Public Recruitment Program (hereinafter referred to as “this program”) is part of the activities of the Nitori Future Social Design Course, which was established within our university's Mathematics and Data Science Education and Research Center with a donation from Nitori Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nitori). This is an internal grant system that promotes the development and practical application of research results at Hokkaido University and, through these efforts, develops human resources who can design a future society.
It is possible to utilize the themes and data provided by Nitori, and we will support research topics that are suitable for the future social design of Society 5.0.
<Public theme>
Theme 1: Theme related to store labor savings during the coronavirus pandemic
Theme 2: Theme related to contribution to SDGs in business activities
Theme 3: Theme related to visualization of app functions desired by customers
Theme 4: Theme related to understanding potential product needs using open data
Theme 5: Theme related to clustering optimization on a customer basis
Theme 6: Theme related to reducing redeliveries focusing on customer characteristics
Theme 7: Theme related to establishing a method for determining room coordination
Support target: Faculty and staff affiliated with our university (including part-time faculty and staff)
Application submission deadline: March 1st (Monday)
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