On Wednesday, February 10th, the "SDGs x Hokkaido Exchange Seminar 2021" was held online, co-sponsored by Hokkaido and Hokkaido University.
On the day of the event, following video messages from Hokkaido Governor Suzuki and University of Tokyo President Hokane, Keio University's Project Assistant Professor Takagi gave a speech titled ``17 Goals 'SDGs' that will change Hokkaido's future,'' and a lecture on sustainable growth mechanisms. A keynote speech was provided on the need for manufacturing. The case study session that followed was moderated by URA Wada from the University Strengthening Promotion Headquarters, and Associate Professor Onishi from Arctic Research Center gave a presentation entitled "Hokkaido University's contribution to achieving the SDGs - From the front line of problem solving." , introduced the major initiatives of our university, and Associate Professor Molinos, a young researcher at the center who conducts research in Hokkaido, introduced his research on the effects of shifts in flora and fauna due to climate change.
Afterwards, a question and answer session was held with the participants, with Uemura URA of Japan International Cooperation Agency serving as the interpreter.
In the case study presentation that followed, students from Hokkaido Nayoro Sangyo High School gave a presentation titled ``SDGs Now Communicated by High School Students: Practical Examples of Hokkaido Nayoro Sangyo High School Agricultural Club''. Finally, the Hokkaido Prefectural Government gave a report on the status of SDGs promotion in Hokkaido, and the seminar ended.
Additionally, an online poster session will be held at the same time, introducing the SDGs initiatives of our university as well as companies and organizations. Until the end of February, you can send questions and messages to exhibitors using the dedicated form. Please take a look.
Online poster exhibition here
“SDGs x Hokkaido Exchange Seminar 2021” Overview
〇Date and time: Wednesday, February 10, 2021 14:00-16:30
〇Venue: Online (distribution using Zoom)
〇Participants: 355 people

(1) Opening of the meeting
Video message Naomichi Suzuki Governor of Hokkaido
Kiyohiro Hokane President of Hokkaido University
(2) Keynote speech
“17 Goals “SDGs” that will change Hokkaido’s future” Lecturer: Mr. Cho Takagi (Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University)
(3) Introduction of initiatives related to SDGs
“Hokkaido University’s contribution to achieving the SDGs – From the forefront of problem solving” (Hokkaido University)
“SDGs communicated by high school students now: Practical examples of Hokkaido Nayoro Sangyo High School Agriculture Club” (Hokkaido Nayoro Sangyo High School Dairy Science Department/Agriculture Club)
(4) Regarding the progress of SDGs in Hokkaido (Hokkaido General Policy Department Policy Bureau Planning Promotion Division)
(5) Information on online poster session

View of the distribution venue