On August 1st, our university and AGC Corporation established the industry creation field ``AGC Nature Positive Evaluation Research Field'' within Faculty of Engineering, with the aim of developing methods to quantify the impact of corporate activities on natural capital. did.


The industry creation field is a system in which our university conducts joint research with companies, etc. for the purpose of creating and commercializing new industries. The newly established ``AGC Nature Positive Evaluation Research Field'' will use the environmental data that AGC has accumulated over the years to conduct quantitative evaluations of the relationship between corporate activities and products and nature, which has been considered difficult until now. The aim is to establish this in line with the disclosure framework presented by *. In addition, by proactively publicizing the contents of our research, we will establish highly transparent evaluation methods and encourage companies to disclose information, thereby contributing to the realization of Nature Positive.


For more information, please click here. *Go to Hokkaido University’s website.



Nature-Related Financial Disclosures Task Force. An international initiative to create a framework for private companies and financial institutions to appropriately assess and disclose risks and opportunities related to natural capital and biodiversity. The official version is scheduled to be published in September 2023.