The third installment of the "Field of Knowledge" series, "Dreams Born in the Northern Lands," has been released.

"Field of Knowledge" is a series project that focuses on Hokkaido University's vast research and education fields and approaches the cutting-edge knowledge cultivated there.
In the third installment, ``Dreams Born in the Northern Lands,'' we introduce ``Yoichi Orchard,'' located in Yoichi Town. The garden was established in 1912 in Hokkaido in a relatively warm place suitable for growing fruit trees, in order to research and popularize fruit.
This time, the apple harvesting and selection work was carried out under the guidance of Professor Yoichiro Hoshino (Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere) and technical expert Minoru Ikuta (Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere), who manages the park. We will explore cutting-edge knowledge through practical training.

Click here for Part 3, “Dreams that come true in the northern land.”

〇“Field of Knowledge” series
#1 Shizunai Research Farm “Livestock research in the forest”
#2 Sapporo Farm “The secret of the vitality that spreads underground”
#3 Yoichi Orchard “Dreams that grow in the northern land”