The second installment of the "Field of Knowledge" series, "The Secret of the Life Force Spreading Underground," has been released.

"Field of Knowledge" is a series project that focuses on Hokkaido University's vast research and education fields and approaches the cutting-edge knowledge cultivated there.
The second part released this time, ``The secret of the vitality that spreads underground,'' follows the first part, `` Livestock research in the forest,'' which was based on the theme of ``Sizunai research ranch'' in Shinhidaka town, and is located on the Sapporo campus. Introducing "Sapporo Farm". The farm began as a ``model farm'' for farmers under the guidance of Dr. Clark in 1876, when the Sapporo Agricultural College, which is part of our university, was established.
This time, we will spotlight three researchers from the Plant Nutrition Laboratory, Research Faculty of Agriculture, who are continuing to conduct experiments in this area, and explore cutting-edge knowledge.

Click here for Part 2, “The secret of the life force that spreads underground.”

〇“Field of Knowledge” series
#1 Shizunai Research Farm “Livestock research in the forest”
#2 Sapporo Farm “The secret of the vitality that spreads underground”