At the HULT PLIZE 2021 ON-CAMPUS FINALS held on Saturday, January 16, 2021, presentations were made by the 5 finalist teams that won the internal competition in which 15 teams entered, and the judges As a result, "FLOATMEAL" won.
"FLOATMEAL" will now take on the challenge of regional qualifiers and compete against other university teams.

The Hult Prize is the world's largest student entrepreneurial idea competition sponsored by the Hult Prize Foundation. Each year, a theme related to the United Nations' SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) is set, and students from all over the world compete with their entrepreneurial ideas. Masu.
The theme for 2020/2021 is "Food for Good".

・EZO Builds a more environmentally friendly food resource reuse model in developing countries by recycling food that can be eaten even after its expiration date and by rationally and effectively using food resources.
・SPOVA Provides technical consulting and cloud-based livestock management services for small and medium-sized dairy farmers.
・Vegetabelle Provides farmers with technical support to connect with consumers and students with part-time jobs.
・I'MPERFECT A platform where you can buy vegetables and fruits and have them delivered directly to your home at affordable prices.
FLOATMEAL - A social enterprise using unique vertical hydroponic technology that aims to create 800 jobs, impact 15,000 lives and reduce carbon emissions by 12,000 gigatons.

<Event report>
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“Hokkaido University Hult Prize Intramural Competition Report” (EARTH on EDGE Hokkaido)