Hult Prize Summits (regional competitions/semi-finals) will be held in June around the world. This year's Hult Prize theme is "Redesigning Fashion."


Three teams made up of students from Hokkaido University are also planning to participate in the summit. Thank you for your support.


Teams scheduled to participate
  • Team TIKBAL (Taiwan Summit)
    This is the winner of the internal competition held on November 26, 2022. Focusing on the traditional handicrafts of Latin America's indigenous peoples, we provide opportunities for success in the handicraft industry through ethical and transparent operations by regenerating fabrics, training artisans, and selling products directly. We are aiming for
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  • Team Tsugitsugi (Taiwan Summit)
    This is the runner-up team for the 2022 tournament. I would like to start a company that uses clothing that would otherwise be discarded and turns it into new clothing. Rather than simply redesigning clothing, our concept is to pour passion and love into the redesign of clothing, with a message, such as creating a world where people with disabilities or gender are not discriminated against. .
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  • Team E-KaOri (Online Summit)
    This is a team that won participation in the online tournament. The aim is to reduce fashion waste by upcycling used clothing into bags using methods inspired by traditional Indian art such as Madhubani and Warli.


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