Communication in Science & Technology Education & Research Program (CoSTEP), the Hokkaido University Open Education Center, will hold the 129th Science Café Sapporo “Funny and Sleepless Bear Story – Physiology of Reproduction and Hibernation” on June 25.


The theme of this event is “Bears.” Although we often hear about bears in the news, there are many surprising facts we don’t know, such as what they eat, what kind of sleep they have, when they hibernate, and when they give birth. Worldwide, there are few researchers on bears, and their ecology and physiology are still not well understood.


The guest speaker, Professor Tsubota Toshio (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and Director of the Hokkaido University Museum), focuses on research into the physiology and ecology of bears, mainly on their “reproduction” and “hibernation”, and on their conservation as well. In order to protect the natural environment and to coexist with bears, it is important not only to know about the ecology of bears, but also to think about how to deal with them.


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