Institute for the Promotion of Business-Regional Collaboration, Institute for the Advancement of Sustainability, and Institute for the Advancement of Graduate Education will be holding a public facility event titled "Let's have fun learning about the future!" on June 3rd and 4th.


In this event, we will hold a workshop to think about the future through card games and a fair with the theme of SDGs. This event will make you feel more familiar with the SDGs and food loss, which we have been hearing a lot about lately.


  • Let's think about the future through games
    Learn about social issues and business through card games with university students
  • SDGs festival
    A quiz rally where you can win non-standard vegetables and sweets, card making with vegetable crayons, “Pocket Dosanko-kun” Disaster Prevention Quiz, we are planning a food loss gacha gacha.


For more information on how to participate in the games within the event, please click here. *You will be redirected to the website of the Hokkaido Future Creation Startup Development Mutual Support Network.