The Regional Fisheries Co-Creation Center* of Hokkaido University will launch the ” Making Hakodate a Greater City! Project” in May 2023.


In this project, a student-led organization will be launched with the aim of making Hakodate an attractive place where young people want to continue to live and work. By planning and carrying out their own projects to make Hakodate an attractive city for young people, this project will be continued with the aim of increasing the number of workers, residents, and exchange visitors in Hakodate.


For more information, please click here. *Go to the website of the Hokkaido University.


*Regional Fisheries Co-Creation Center (RFCC)

This organization was established on the Hakodate campus in October 2022 to contribute to regional development as a center of knowledge and a think tank, working to solve social and regional issues and create new value through industry-academia-government-finance collaboration in Hakodate and the southern region of Hokkaido. It serves as a hub for local knowledge, information, and human resources.