Specially Appointed Professor Masanori Yoshino of our university received the "1st SDGs Iwasa Award [Education Department/Individual]".


The Iwasa Educational and Cultural Foundation, a public interest incorporated foundation, will support organizations and individuals who have made remarkable achievements in various fields, as well as people who are doing their best for the people around them and society. Established an award. The sectors are divided into eight categories: "Medical Care,'' "Education,'' "Welfare,'' "Environment,'' "Economy,'' "Peace and Human Rights,'' "Arts and Sports,'' and "Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, and Food,'' which are notable in the 17 areas of the United Nations SDGs. The purpose is to recognize individuals and organizations that have made contributions.


We would like to inform you that COI's efforts have been awarded an award, and the details of the activity and comments on the award have been made public.

Activity name: Emi Plus Lab LLC, which realizes “new public” and “new public services”


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