Hokkaido University Public Policy School (HOPS) will hold the “HOPS Summer School for Local Councillors and Public Officers in 2023” on August 24th and 25th.


HOPS promotes social contribution activities to further revitalize local councils and to enlighten and study local council members. This summer school is a part of such activities.


This year’s theme is “Toward Sustainable Regional Public Transportation – Focusing on the Role of Municipalities.”


Many cities, towns, and villages in Hokkaido are rapidly losing population, and in some areas, conventional bus routes cannot be maintained due to a decrease in the number of users. Local public transportation services are essential for local residents to commute to the hospitals and schools, and especially for the elderly and children who do not drive cars. In this summer school, the roles of municipalities in building sustainable regional public transportation systems will be focused. Participants will learn about the basic perspectives that local councilors and local officials should have and how to interact with residents through lectures on advanced cases by researchers and practitioners and group work.

Participants in the two-day course are required to submit a report on their pre-assignment in order to enhance the learning effect and to use it for group work.


For more information on this summer school and how to apply, please click here. *Go to the website of HOPS.


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