On 28 March 2023, ten doctoral course students at Hokkaido University and two working adults (Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc.) made proposals to Furano City on two issues: “Promoting carbon neutrality by changing energy-saving behavior of Furano citizens” and “Developing younger customers for Furano ski resorts.”


Since FY2021, Hokkaido University, Furano City, and Oracle Corporation Japan have been working on the project “Hokkaido University Doctoral Course DX Education Program: Support for the Promotion of Smart City Furano, Hokkaido.” On 27 October 2022, they concluded an “Agreement on Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration for the Promotion of a Smart City Furano City, Hokkaido.”


The purpose of this agreement is to jointly formulate measures for the Promotion of a Smart City Furano, with the aim of fostering industries unique to Furano City and creating pleasant community. They made the presentations at the newly opened Furano City Hall, Furano City’s new government building, where many stakeholders participated, with more than 50 people joined online.

  • Environment Team: “Hummingbird Shizuku: Eco-Action Circulation System to Promote Behavioral Change in the City”
  • Tourism Team: “Developing younger customers for Furano ski resorts”


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Tourism Team

Environment Team

Tourism Team