The 62nd Clock Tower Salon “Let’s Ask the School of Agriculture” will be held on April 18, 2023.


The Research Faculty of Agriculture of Hokkaido University has been holding the Clock Tower Salon at the Sapporo Clock Tower (official name: the old Sapporo Agricultural College Embujo.) The theme of the 62nd session is “Swamp Falling into the Marshland – The more you know, the more you into the marshland? ~

One hundred years ago, there were approx. 180,000 hectares of marshland in Hokkaido, but today reduced to less than 70,000 hectares.
In the marshlands, a unique ecosystem is established over a long period of time when the land is submerged in water, and the marshland ecosystem in such a special environment is greatly affected by climate change. In this project, we will introduce the valuable plants and animals that remain in the marshlands in Hokkaido and their environments, and consider the effects of climate change and conservation in the future.
In addition, the Ishikari-Sorachi area, which is now a major rice-producing region, was once covered with marshlands. The former marshlands and peatlands were developed to produce food for Japan, and through a difficult history, they have been transformed into the vast agricultural areas we know today. We will reconfirm those history of development and consider the role of peatlands in the production of food for the future.


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