Hokkaido University Museum will hold the 2022 Hokkaido University Graduation Thesis Poster Presentation*¹ on March 4th and 5th.


The 2022 Hokkaido University Graduation Thesis Poster Presentation is an initiative in which undergraduate students of our university who will graduate this spring compile their graduation theses, which are the culmination of their student lives, into a single poster and present them to the public in an easy-to-understand manner. On the day of the event, the presenters will stand next to their posters and take questions from visitors at any time. This event is designed to let the public know about the kind of research that undergraduate students are doing.

Additionally, this event is in a contest format. The "Grand Prize," "Visitor Award," "Museum Meister Award," and "SDGs Award*²" will be awarded based on the number of votes from visitors and evaluations from judges inside and outside the university.


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*¹Hokkaido University graduation thesis poster presentation

The Hokkaido University Graduation Thesis Poster Presentation is a presentation held every year as part of the social experience-based subject of Hokkaido University Museum unique educational program "Museum Meister Certification Course." Our students not only participate as presenters, but also as administrative staff. Under the supervision and guidance of museum staff, student management staff will plan and manage the entire presentation, including considering the presentation venue and management methods, creating publicity posters and leaflets, reception, and moderating the award ceremony. . This year, seven Hokkaido University students are supporting the presentation as operational staff.


*²SDGs Award

Last year, at the Hokkaido University graduation thesis poster presentation event, we established a new "SDGs Award" to indicate the degree of contribution to the SDGs. The logo of the SDGs goals that are related to the research content will be displayed on each poster in advance.