Our Institute for the Advancement of Graduate Education held a complex graduate school experience event "Science Festa 2022" from December 17th (Saturday) to December 18th (Sunday) at Sapporo Ekimae-dori Underground Plaza (commonly known as "Chikaho"). .


In this event, entitled ``Presentation on contributing to SDGs with research results @ Chi Ka Ho,'' our university's graduate school doctoral course students will discuss ``how their research themes contribute to society in light of the SDGs.'' We created posters that explained in an easy-to-understand manner to the general public, and held an event to display them. This poster exhibition consisted of votes from visitors and a contest between pre-selected judges from inside and outside the university, and we are pleased to announce that the winners have been decided.


Grand Prize
Toshiki Nakanishi, 2nd year doctoral student Graduate School of Agriculture
“Opening up the future of medical care with a new sericulture industry (silkworm x virus x DX)”
Outstanding performance award
Go Morita, 2nd year doctoral student Graduate School of Agriculture
“Agricultural tractor that combines autonomous driving and remote control”
SDGs Award
Hiyori Namie, 1st year doctoral course student Graduate School of Agriculture
“Paddy fields without fertilizers and pesticides will save the future global environment!? -Paddy farming methods modeled after the Edo period-”


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