Our University's Graduate School of Public Policy will hold a HOPS seminar on January 19th, titled ``Do 'Regional Revitalization Cooperation Teams' Lead to Regional Revitalization? Current Status and Challenges.''


The Regional Revitalization Cooperation Team is an effort to settle and settle in the area while conducting "regional cooperation activities." Approximately 6,000 members are active across the country in FY2021, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has set a goal of increasing this number to 10,000 by FY2020. However, there are many issues to be solved, such as the employment status of JOCVs, wage disparities, relationships with local governments, and their subsequent settlement.

We will deepen our discussions with active members of the Regional Revitalization Cooperation Volunteers about what is needed for sustainable regional revitalization and the policy issues involved.


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