The following broadcasts are scheduled on BS-TBS about our university's efforts regarding SDGs.
Among the research undertaken by Hokkaido University, the content focuses particularly on primary industries, so please take a look.


Broadcast overview

BS-TBS Future Earth ~For the future~ (10/31~11/4, 8:50~8:54)

  • Broadcast date: 11/1 (Tue) 20:50-20:54
    Broadcast overview | A new type of agricultural technology that produces food while regenerating the environment.
    Scheduled to broadcast about the efforts of Associate Professor Yoshitaka Uchida of the Graduate Research Faculty of Agriculture, who is researching "regenerative agriculture."
  • Broadcast date: Friday, November 4th, 20:50-20:54
    Broadcast summary | Associate Professor Masato Kawai of the Shizunai Research Farm, Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere, who is conducting research on building sustainable livestock production systems using methods such as hoof cultivation.
    We are planning to broadcast about our efforts towards "Hokudai Tankaku Beef".

BS-TBS Biz Square (broadcast on Saturdays at 11am)

  • Broadcast date: 11/5 (Sat) 11:00 a.m. to 11:54 a.m.
    Broadcast Overview | Special feature on "Earth Sensing" that utilizes the Sony Group's sensor and communication technologies. In the special feature, Professor Shin Noguchi of the Graduate Research Faculty of Agriculture is working to solve problems such as a shortage of primary industry workers and low food self-sufficiency rates using AI and IoT technology, and talks about "smart agriculture". Scheduled to be broadcast.


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