Our university was the first domestic university to submit a response to the CDP*Climate Change Questionnaire 2022. It is one of only three universities in the world to respond this year.


In 1997, our university became the first university in Japan to formulate the `` Campus Master Plan'' a basic plan for the development of university facilities. “International Universities Climate Alliance (IUCA)” or “University Coalition to Contribute to Achieving Carbon Neutrality” We are engaged in a number of initiatives related to climate change through engagement between universities both domestically and internationally.

Through our responses to this CDP climate change questionnaire, we found that our university's decarbonization and carbon neutrality efforts as a management entity can still be improved when viewed by global standards. We will improve these issues, further promote research and industry-government-academia collaboration that contributes to solving climate change and environmental issues, and work to develop SDGs human resources, and move forward toward becoming an "unparalleled university" that contributes to solving the world's problems. .


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*CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)

CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) is a British international environmental NGO that operates a global information disclosure system to help investors, companies, countries, regions and cities manage their environmental impact. We are working to globally promote environmental information disclosure through environmental questionnaires.

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