The 3rd symposium of the "SDGs Partnership Program" sponsored by JAREC (Japan Science and Technology Association) will be held online on October 14th.


JAREC has launched the "SDGs Partnership Program" to introduce to companies and local governments the excellent results of universities and other institutions aiming to achieve the SDGs. This program aims to provide research results from universities and other institutions across the country on themes that aim to solve social issues and that have the potential for business development by companies, and to connect them to companies.


The symposium is held as an opportunity to introduce research results provided by each university, and at the third symposium, Associate Professor Michio Yamashita (Faculty of Information Science and Technology) of our university is scheduled to give a presentation.

Presentation summary

“Data-driven kerosene distribution planning using AI and IoT” Associate Professor Michio Yamashita (Hokkaido University Graduate Faculty of Information Science and Technology)

In recent years, kerosene delivery has faced many problems, including a shortage of delivery personnel, an aging population, and declining labor productivity, and there are concerns about the emergence of so-called ``kerosene refugees.'' In this research, we are developing a data-driven kerosene distribution planning system that utilizes AI and IoT in order to reduce environmental impact and achieve a stable energy supply. In this lecture, we will introduce the concept of system development and the development process, as well as outline a method for estimating the amount of kerosene remaining in kerosene tanks and a method for creating a kerosene distribution plan, which are currently being developed.


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