The Hokkaido University School of Agriculture, Graduate School of Agriculture, and Research Faculty of Agriculture will hold the 58th Clock Tower Salon ``Let's Ask School of Agriculture'' at the Sapporo City Clock Tower (official name: Former Sapporo Agricultural College Demonstration Hall) on August 23rd. It will be held.


Sapporo Agricultural College is currently School of Agriculture, Hokkaido University. The School of Agriculture of School of Agriculture aims to revive the tradition of Sapporo Agricultural College that has been inherited by the Faculty of Agriculture into the present day, and to make lectures by famous graduates and current educators and researchers who have inherited that spirit widely available to the public. We are holding a "Clock Tower Salon". This is the 58th time, and the theme is "Is Hokkaido agriculture sustainable?" As the environment surrounding agriculture changes rapidly around the world, "sustainability" is considered to be an important keyword for continued development. In this project, we will summarize the current state of agriculture in Hokkaido, mainly from the perspective of dairy production and food supply in Hokkaido, and discuss how to continue producing and supplying food.


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