The special lecture by culinary expert Yoshiharu Doi, held on May 14th as a special program for the 2022 CoSTEP opening ceremony, has been released to the public.

In his book ``The Proposal of One Soup and One Dish,'' he talks about cooking that allows you to live a fulfilling life without overeating, making you realize once again the importance of cooking. At this symposium, we invited Yoshiharu Doi to talk about sustainable living and initiatives that start by focusing on everyday life, without getting confused by exaggerated ideals.


■Program overview

Sponsor: CoSTEP (Communication in Science & Technology Education & Research Program (CoSTEP) Institute for the Advancement of Graduate Education)
Date and time: May 14th (Sat) 13:30-15:00 (doors open at 13:00)
Location: Frontier Applied Science Research Building 2F Lecture Hall (Akira Suzuki Hall)
Lecturer: Yoshiharu Doi (culinary expert)


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