On April 19, 2022, Okopbe Town, Mombetsu District, Hokkaido (hereinafter referred to as Okopbe Town) and Hokkaido University Graduate Faculty of Engineering (hereinafter referred to as Faculty of Engineering) signed a joint research agreement for regional decarbonization.

Since the country declared carbon neutrality in 2020, the movement toward carbon neutrality in 2050 has accelerated with unprecedented momentum. Hokkaido has also set a high goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 48% compared to 2013, and is leading the effort under the banner of `` Zero Carbon Hokkaido.'' In order to achieve zero carbon, which means eliminating petroleum, it is important not only to make physical improvements such as the spread of renewable energy such as solar and wind power generation, but also to proceed with initiatives that suit the actual circumstances of the region. This requires a regional effort.
We will work together with Hokkaido University to create a system that will allow Okopbe Town to move forward from planning to implementation, and promote local decarbonization and town development unique to Okopbe Town.


Contents of joint research

①Understanding carbon emissions and fixed amounts that reflect the area of Okopbe Town

➁Resident-led (bottom-up) decarbonization plan


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