Hokkaido University Public Policy School (HOPS) (HOPS) will hold the "2022 HOPS Summer School for Local Representatives and Public Officials" on August 24th and 25th.


The Graduate School of Public Policy promotes social contribution activities to further revitalize local assemblies and contribute to the self-development and self-study of local assembly members, as well as to further enhance local administration and contribute to the self-development and self-study of local civil servants. doing. This summer school will be part of that effort.


This year's theme is "The role of municipalities in realizing carbon neutrality that enriches local communities."


Various initiatives are rapidly underway to achieve carbon neutrality (virtually zero greenhouse gas emissions) by 2050. Against this backdrop, a system was launched in April 2022 in which municipalities establish areas to promote the introduction of renewable energy while building local consensus. Municipalities are expected to play a leading role in coordinating land use for better living, the natural environment, and renewable energy. At the summer school, students can envision how to help preserve a more vibrant local community and rich natural environment through the introduction of renewable energy, and build consensus to realize that vision. The acquisition goal is to become like this.


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