Global Research Center for Food & Medical Innovation (FMI) will be holding "Learn about Hokkaido x SDGs!" in conjunction with the Hokkaido University Festival.


In this event, we will hold "Learn about SDGs through card games!" for third graders and above, and "Food Loss Museum in Hokkaido University," which was held at PIVOT last year and was very popular.

This is an event where you can feel closer to the SDGs, which we have been hearing a lot about lately. Learn through games, eat at home, enjoy the Hokkaido University Festival, and have fun learning.



Date and time: June 4-5, 2022 9:00-17:00

Location: Global Research Center for Food & Medical Innovation (FMI)

Content: “Learn SDGs through card games!”

“Food Loss Museum in Hokkaido University”

Application for participation: Pre-registration is prioritized for participation in “Learn SDGs through card games!”

Please apply from the URL below.

Please check the flyer below for details (click to open PDF).