The Hokkaido University Liberal Arts Program*, in collaboration with the Public Relations and Social Cooperation Office Social Cooperation Division and Institute for the Advancement of Sustainability SDGs Initiative Office, held the "Liberal Arts Career Design Cafe: Opening up the future from the local community - The choice and appeal of 'working locally'" on Wednesday, February 21st. A report on the event has now been posted on the Liberal Arts Program website.


Please see here for the event report. *You will be redirected to the Hokkaido University Liberal Arts Program website.


*Culture Enhancement Program

This is an educational program for master's and doctoral students who wish to find employment in the private sector, as a civil servant, as a teacher, etc. In addition to furthering research in specialized fields through specialized graduate education, students aim to improve their practical ability to utilize specialized knowledge in the real world by acquiring the ability to "discover and solve problems," "the ability to see the bigger picture," "the ability to think comprehensively and communicate correctly," and "the ability to take action" through comprehensive learning in various fields of humanities and social sciences, as well as through interdisciplinary learning that combines the humanities and sciences.