Hokkaido University, Sapporo Marui Mitsukoshi Co., Ltd., Hokkaido Encyclopedia Co., Ltd., and Hokuyo Bank Co., Ltd. are jointly working to display Hokkaido University brand products at the Hokkaido food select shop "Kita Kitchen" Aurora Town store.
The ``Gakusei Fair'' will be held from March 27th to April 9th.

Based on the "Agreement on the Implementation of Collaborative Programs," Hokkaido University and North Pacific Bank are promoting cooperation in areas where mutual collaboration is possible, such as commercialization of research results, personnel exchanges, and human resource development. As part of this initiative, this fair will utilize the stores operated by Sapporo Marui Mitsukoshi and Hokkaido Hyakka to be a collaboration between industry, academia, and finance.


At this fair, we will be selling the popular products of "Hokkaido University Shorthorn Beef," "Hokkaido University Marche," "Hokkaido University Gagome Products," "Hokkaido University Trout," and "MIND Food." New to this year's offerings will be the "Japanese-style MIND Food Bento" and sweets made with "Hokkaido University Raspberries®."