Hokkaido University Hospital Personal Health Center (PHC) will begin an initiative to utilize genetic testing for preventive medicine with the catchphrase "Genomic testing for your health." Rather than treating people after they get sick, we aim to help people learn about the risks of getting sick, take preventive measures by eating and exercising in an enjoyable manner, and live a life of well-being.


In January, we began conducting wellness plan monitor checkups primarily for employees as part of a subsidy project in collaboration with Sapporo City. Before taking the health check, participants will install a personal health record (PHR) and a body composition measuring app, fill out a dietary intake questionnaire online, and on the day of the examination, they will complete a simple interview, explain the use of PHC, obtain research consent, measure blood pressure, and complete body composition. We provide analysis, blood collection, and MIND food lunch boxes.


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