Our University's Faculty of Medicine Medical AI Developer Training Program (CLAP) will hold the "4th Clinical AI Annual Symposium" on February 15th.


Our country is faced with a number of medical issues, including an aging society, uneven distribution of medical personnel, and work style reform. In order to tackle these challenges, we have established a human resource development and education base for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's project ``Cutting-edge AI research and development aimed at solving global × local medical issues.'' Hokkaido University and Okayama University collaborate with Tohoku University as the lead, and universities in each area collaborate to achieve the goal of ``curating a wealth of medical issues unique to the region and broadly training human resources who can design AI solutions.'' It is listed in Furthermore, we are building a diverse business promotion system that includes research institutions, private companies, and local governments as partners.

This year, the fourth year of the program, the number of students taking the course has increased dramatically at each university, and results such as presentations at academic conferences, paper presentations, and awards have also been seen. At this annual symposium, we will introduce the progress of this year's medical AI human resources training program and examples of cutting-edge medical care x AI.


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