Department of Health Sciences, School of Medicine /Graduate School Graduate School of Health Sciences

The Department of Health Sciences, School of Medicine Hokkaido University consists of five departments: Nursing, Radiological Technology, Laboratory Technology, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy. On the other hand, the graduate school is independent as Graduate School of Health Sciences, and in addition to the subject groups corresponding to the undergraduate majors, health sciences that conducts interdisciplinary research such as environmental health science, human ecology, higher brain function science, and health informatics. We have established subject groups.
As an international initiative, we are participating in the JICA Development Graduate School Collaboration Program, which trains human resources who will make international contributions to developing countries. In addition, Faculty of Health Sciences, a faculty organization, participates in the Future Earth (FE) Japan Committee, which aims to realize a sustainable society, as a member of the Hokkaido University FE Consortium.
Hokkaido University Department of Health Sciences, School of Medicine and Graduate School Graduate School of Health Sciences aim to strengthen the educational and research foundations of health sciences that support advanced medical care, prevent disease, maintain and improve health, and realize a safe and secure society. In terms of development goals (SDGs), not only SDG3 (health and welfare) but also SDG4 (education), SDG6 (safe water and sanitation), SDG11 (community development), etc. From there, we will contribute to solving global issues through collaboration with the advanced medical field and local communities and residents in Japan and overseas.