Institute of Low Temperature Science, established in 1941, is the first affiliated research institute of Hokkaido University.
In terms of research, in view of the importance of the cryosphere in the global environmental system, we will conduct various field studies in cold land and sea areas around the world, as well as basic research in condensed matter physics, geochemistry, planetary science, bioenvironmental science, etc. , we aim to create a new research community with a view to active international collaboration, while developing innovative research that is not bound by existing academic fields, promoting cross-disciplinary international research projects.
In terms of education, we will make efforts to widely convey the interest and importance of cryoscience, and we will steadily continue to educate graduate students and young researchers Graduate School of Environmental Science are directly connected to cutting-edge research. In charge of graduate school education at Graduate School of Science, we accept many students and promote the international educational program "International Antarctic University".
We are also actively engaged in activities aimed at achieving the SDGs. For example, acquisition of information on climate change in the Arctic and Antarctic regions, development of educational programs, participation in the Japan-Russia government program on ecosystem conservation centered on the Sea of Okhotsk, and initiatives such as regional collaboration with Abashiri City (SDG17 implementation means). Participating in government research projects in both poles, holding lectures and lectures for the general public (SDG13 climate change), conducting research and lectures on marine resources and biodiversity, mainly in Greenland, and conducting research and lectures on aquatic ecosystems in Hokkaido. Through activities such as soundness monitoring (SDG14 marine resources), we promote research and educational activities and contribute to society.