In addition to English, the Hokkaido University Foreign Language Education Center offers foreign language classes and foreign language seminar classes in more than 10 languages. These are places where you can not only hone your language skills, but also learn various values and ways of seeing the world through learning different languages. Hokkaido University's general education classes follow the flow of so-called "liberal arts." Liberal here means "trying to understand and respect the actions and opinions of others, especially when they differ from your own" (learn what "liberal" really means here).

Therefore, foreign language learning at Hokkaido University's Foreign Language Education Center provides the foundation that supports SGDs 16, "Peace and Justice for All." In addition, some of the video teaching materials of the Center for Foreign Language Education provide language teaching materials that can be used freely by anyone from anywhere in the world as open courseware. This is linked to SDGs 4. Quality education.
Whether you study or research in any field, or work in any field in the future, understand the necessary diversity and foster good relationships with people with various backgrounds. To go. The essence of Hokkaido University's foreign language education is to go beyond "useful foreign languages" and foster "Global Perspectives."