During the continued COVID-19 pandemic,Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI)  SDGs Challenge Competition 2021 was arranged fully online as a virtual stage for the University’s and oversea students enrolled in HSI to share their own thoughts and get engaged with interactive discussion.

Reflecting one of the major impacts of the pandemic, this year’s theme was set as the Sustainable Tourism and discussed through presentations on local over-tourism issues in Hokkaido and possible solutions. Welcoming insights of contestants from seven countries, the competition gathered unique ideas on new formats of the near-future tourism, which contribute SDGs.

The second half of the event includes a free talk session with audiences.

The event organisation was designated to a student association, the HSI Team OMOTENASHI, which means wholeheartedly hospitality. The team worked together with senior students and academics of the University’s Nitobe Collegea cross-departmental curriculum to cultivate global leadership of participating undergraduate and graduate students.

Presentation: Winners of the Grand Prize in the Individual Category

State of presentation: Best team award winners


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