At this conference, entitled "Climate Citizens' Conference Sapporo 2020," 20 people randomly selected from Sapporo citizens aged 16 and over asked, "How should Sapporo achieve the transition to a decarbonized society?" We had a total of 4 online discussions for 16 hours on the theme. The voting results of the meeting were published as a preliminary report in January of this year, and were also formally reported to Sapporo City.
We will be holding a symposium as follows to report on the trial of this first climate citizen conference in the country and to discuss the conference results and how to make use of the experience and knowledge gained through the trial. Parts 1 to 3 are separate sessions, so please participate according to your convenience and interests.
How to participate and details here Please refer to the
[Date and time] March 20, 2021 (Saturday/Holiday)
Part 1 13:00-14:10 Report: Climate Citizens’ Conference and Sapporo City’s climate change measures
Part 2 14:20-15:30 Discussion 1: How to interpret and utilize the results of “Climate Citizens Conference Sapporo”
Part 3 15:40-17:00 Discussion 2: Possibilities and challenges of climate citizen conferences in Japan
[Holding method] Online (planned to use Zoom webinar)
[About the Climate Citizens Conference]
As the world calls for a transition to a decarbonized society (achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions) by the middle of this century, European countries and local governments are holding randomly selected "climate citizen conferences" to discuss countermeasures. The movement is expanding. Climate Citizens' Conference Sapporo 2020 was held as part of a joint research project involving Hokkaido University, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Osaka University, Nagoya University, Meiji University, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, and other organizations, including Sapporo City, Hokkaido Environmental Foundation, and RCE Hokkaido Central Area. This was the first trial in Japan with the cooperation of the council.