New content, PREHISTORIC MARINE REPTILES, is now available on the special website “Fish of the Month (FoM)” of the Faculty of Fisheries Sciences, Hokkaido University.


In this FoM content, in collaboration with the Hokkaido University Museum, Dr. Echizenya, researcher, provides the topic of “PREHISTORIC MARINE REPTILES”.

In this content, some unexpected topics that reconsider the ecosystem of the prehistoric seas are introduced. It is introduced that marine reptile’s fossils have provided clues to solving the mysteries of microbial ecosystems, primarily chemosynthetic bacteria, and that examining marine reptile’s fossils has provided insights into the great chain of life in the sea.

You can also see the fossils of sea dragons at the Hokkaido University Museum, located on the Sapporo Campus of Hokkaido University. Nothing beats the real thing, so please visit the museum and feel the proof of the prehistoric marine reptiles.


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